Don’t inspire me.

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It’s so hard to get inspired these days. I hate how I’ve always received flawless compliments about the quality in my writing, yet, to me it has never been that big of a deal. I’m a lazy ‘good’ writer, apparently. That’s my contradictory self-critic.

I should, like most persons I’m acquainted with, be indulging myself in the non-beneficiary activities that seem to be hitting peak levels among social ‘life’. It’s barely social life nowadays, wouldn’t you agree? It’s just a zombie apocalypse, the cause being mobile devices causing us to struggle to succumb to normal breathing when we’re offline.   When last did you open a book and read through it thoroughly, without being disturbed by the painful sound of an incoming message on an Android OS operating device? When last did you manage to attend an event where no one took pictures to add to their infamous #ThrowBackThursdays archive?

Odd, is it not? Your favourite girl is more concerned about her next perfect avatar instead of sending you back that text.

The only time your mother tells you they love you is through a slow Cell C network traffic, with duplex connections that are moving at a snail’s pace due to the large number of thirst messages being sent simultaneously via blackberry curves.

It’s like our lives are being led by the urge to belong, somewhere on the online world. We’re all sitting with our legs crossed, our coccyges succumbing to constant pain, our eyes losing their natural ability to see, self-inflicted insomnia. It is quite astonishing, really. It has been a sudden escalation, just 3 years ago it wasn’t like this. One enjoyed going out, spending with the boys doing nothing greater than unnecessary inebriating activities on weekends. Actually, those were the great old days, ‘old days’ are 3 years ago to our generation. At this rate, we’ll gather the wisdom of centenarians before we surpass our third decade of life. Ridiculous!

It’s ridiculous how social media has become our breakfast, the reason we purposely miss lunch ’cause we’ve got to instagram it first. As much as being social online is taking up our time, there are those who put this good time into good use. Online productivity is actually a common thing, I won’t get to that – I’m not your online advisor.

However, my biggest concern with this whole apocalypse is how most individuals totally lose themselves. That false online persona you so believe is solely yours, is in fact… not yours! It’s the drug phase of this era, likely to be the disorder that will be related to it in future, unlike the times when your parents were worried you might turn out like thug Jabu from down your street. The worried dad, about his daughter, in contemplation if she might bring home a Bricks Mabrigado as a fiance. Well, we, the future parents will probably be more concerned about if whether our kids have got enough followers, to whom are they distributing their under dressed images. At the end, it’ll all be ironic and fortunate.

So much for evolution, brethren, ’tis round about the ideal time you might want to stick your thumb in your skull, force yourself to think about how awkward the next few years are to be in society.


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