Acceptance of Cyber Love?

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Remember your first girlfriend/boyfriend from Mxit? That’s where the fiesta of cyber relationships began for most of us.

It seems like it has grown even more. One does not even find it odd hearing how a companionship has formed among your facebook friends or twitter followers.

Has society come to acceptance of this? That looks to be apparent.

Personally, I find nothing wrong with the norm of cyber lovers. We spend half, if not most, of our days gazing at texts from stangers. It is not strange at all for one to fall in love with the mind and the thoughts one depicts from these strangers.

Although it is quite risky, you may fall for someone who, in fact, is displaying a fake personality online. There you are giving all of your loving to a stranger you have not met, putting yourself in physical amd emotional danger. Besides all the negatives, it takes guts and belief to enable yourself to engage in a platonic relationship with a stranger.

It’s beautiful… when it’s real, hey!

Some of the people I see dating today all basically had first encounters of one another on an online site. You would swear they have known each other for a long time, depicting from how they are able to connect and love one another.

Social media is the way we people manage to find and meet new people, love was bound to form from this.

So, with all that, why would you turn a blind eye if love ever came to you by means of a person you met online? Whether you may or may not know them physically?


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