A tribute to a companion.

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The splendidness of awakening each morning;
With the vivid vision of you crawling my thoughts;
Painting my day colourful even before dawn commences.

You are the perfect scene;
My zenith of imagined love fantasies;
The treasure to a map hidden only beneath the apex of my heart;
With wavering tears upon your eyes,
in them do I see a future of us stumbling across what we can only see as forever;
Ignoring all the whispering from the issues barred upon us;
Hovering over us;
memories of our past mistakes;
Our misfortunes of misguided love;
Broken minded spirit;
Torn breathing.

In you,
I see change;
Bring change;
Be about change;

For when your love crosses paths with mine;
An explosion of perfect romance.

Rascals of love;
Unorthodox lovers;
Awaiting to carve your name within the books of my forever.


For you are;
and I are;