This ‘love’ thing, I want it too

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I find myself fighting with my thoughts. I’ve seeked and found all the wisdom, courage and happiness one can have inside, sharing it with someone else is the primate step.

Nothing needy about me wanting to be and to fall in love. It’s an emotional decision, an emotional boundary I want to find myself reaching.

Well, of course, a great man once told me, “Growing up, you’ll realise that the one person you’ll depend on, trust, befriend and truly love… will be the woman you’ll marry and spend your life with.” – realest words, the exact words actually, my father has ever said to me.

I’m matured enough and ready for this. I’ve gone through juvenile behaviour, been through the irks of non-platonically attached companionships. It’s like riding a bike, when you’re old enough, you realise that you need to give it to a younger person and for you to buy a car and move out of your mother’s house.

That’s, for me, the metaphor of love. Ride the bicycle enough until it sickens you, buy the car you won’t mind driving until your muscles can no longer hold that steering wheel.

Then again, for honest and mutual love, you have to be patient. Be willing to build it from scratch. Find someone with the exact mindset, so that when a wall falls, no one walks away easily, knowing how much hardwork was needed to build that Burj Khalifa of a relationship.

Someday, maybe. I’m in no particular rush. “Only fools want to build where there’s sand”.